All my work has benefited enormously by connecting and discussing research ideas with other academic peers. I have collaborated with an incredible network of > 200 researchers from > 140 institutions located in 44 countries, with my main collaborators located in Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, UK and Germany. I believe that in order to address the enormous challenges ahead in a global change context, collaborative research and team efforts among several labs are pivotal to tackle big questions in ecology and biodiversity research. Some examples of collaborative projects where I participate are:

1) the European COST action CLIMBATS, where 48 researchers from 15 European countries are working alongside to assess the vulnerability of European bats to climate change;

2) the sRedList project, which brings together Red List practitioners and ecological modellers to develop an innovative, rapid and consistent framework for prioritizing IUCN RL assessments.

Location of researchers and institutions with whom I have collaborated. Point size of each researcher is proportional to the number of articles published in collaboration.