Local-scale ecology and conservation of steppe birds

Most of my local-scale fieldwork studies have been focused on steppe and farmland birds, which are arguably one of the most threatened groups in Europe. My PhD research was focused on disentangling co-occurrence mechanisms and habitat preferences of sympatric sandgrouse species at multiple scales of analysis in a context of agriculture intensification and increasing anthropogenic change. My research with steppe birds has been approached from different angles, from behavioural ecology to conservation biogeography, movement ecology and population ecology. In our most recent project we are studying the movement strategies of sandgrouse under dynamic environmental conditions.

Research Projects


ELECTROSTEPPE: Evidence-based solutions for an ecological transition compatible with the conservation of steppe birds (2022-2024).

GANGAMOVE: Moving with the flood: spatial ecology, movement strategies and connectivity of the pin-tailed sandgrouse population in DoƱana National Park in relation to marshland dynamics, land use change and agriculture intensification (2021-2024).