Scaling up defaunation impacts: from local ecological networks to pantropical carbon-biodiversity relationships (2022-2026). EMERGIA grant.


This project aims to understand the consequences of defaunation for community assembly, ecological networks, functional diversity, and forest regeneration in the tropics, and enhance our knowledge of the spatial relationship between carbon storage and tropical biodiversity in order to maximize conservation co-benefits. 


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Ferreiro-Arias, I., Santini, L., Sagar, H. S. S. C., Richard-Hansen, C., Guilbert, E., Forget, P. M., van Kuijk, M., Revilla, E., Benítez-López, Ana. Unveiling the extent and magnitude of overhunting impacts on tropical bird communities. Oral communication. 6th European Conference of Tropical Ecology and 34th Annual Meeting of the Society for Tropical Ecology (Gesellschaft für Tropenökologie, gtö) (GTOE2023). Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic (19 – 23 June, 2023).

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Tropical Ecology


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